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Podiatrist is the  modern name for a Chiropodist. It reflects the way the profession has advanced over the years.


Prior to 2005  all Chiropodists/Podiatrists employed by the NHS had to be state registered. To gain state registration you had to  undergo a recognised three year full time course. However in private practice anyone could call themselves a "Chiropodist"  and set up a chiropody clinic. This meant as well as state registered chiropodists working in the private sector there were also  non-registered chiropodists. At best these individuals possessed a  qualification not recognised by the state registration system or at worst no qualification at all.


In 2005 the government recognised that the public needed  protecting from unqualified Chiropodists (and other unqualified health professionals) working in the private sector.

The words Chiropodist and Podiatrist became  "protected titles" and the  Health Professions Council or HPC was created to regulate the profession. In august 2012 this name will change to  Health and Care Professions Council or HCPC .  

Those Chiropodist who were previously state registered, (they had undergone a recognised three year full time course) were automatically transfered onto the register. This meant that all NHS Chiropodist and some  but not all private Chiropodist automatically transfered onto the new register..

The non state registered practising private chiropodist (although they did not have recognised qualifications) had a one off opportunity to apply for registration,and  demonstrate that  they had  the clinical and practical knowledge and experience gained "on the job" to meet the standards of the newly formed council. These chiropodists were  what is now termed  "grandparented" onto the new registrer.


Today those who failed this process or  have  "qualifications" in foot health not recognised by the HPC are not  accepted onto the HPC registrer as a chiropodist/podiatrist. To now qualify as a Chiropodist or Podiatrist you have to undergo a three year full time degree course.


Unfortunatly the law means there is still nothing to stop "joe bloggs" with no or minimal qualifications from setting up a "foot health clinic", putting on a white coat, having a brass plate with "letters behind their name"  and carrying out treatment that the general public would regard as chiropody (as defined by treatment  carried out by a chiropodist).

Legally what they cannot do is refer to themselves a chiropodist.


You only get one pair of feet, they have to last a life time. Why risk having your feet treated by someone who is not qualified or fit to practise as a Chiropodist/Podiatrist.


If you think you have been decieved by someone claiming to be a Chiropodist  please report them to the HPC-details below.  


The HPC have recently dealt with  several case in the North Lancashire/ South Cumbria were people have illegally claimed to be Chiropodists.


So if  you wish to ensure your podiatrist or chiropodist is genuine  and their qualifications meet the rigourous old state registration system and the new HPC standards please check with the HPC register ( details below). and ask you chiropodist if they have undergone a three year full time diploma or degree in podiatry/chiropody from a HPC registered University college. I would also recommend that they are a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist



The HPC regulates 13 health professions including chiropody/podiatry. It ensures that your health professional has been properly trained and meets strict standards for professional skills, behaviour and health. It can also take action against health professionals who fall below the standards. 




 It is illegal to call yourself a Chiropodist or  Podiatrist if you are not HPC registered.


There are four easy ways to check and make sure your health professional is genuine


Check on line 

Just select their profession and type in their surname or registration number. The online Register is updated daily.


Check their certificate

All registrants have a certificate issued by the HPC to show that they are registered. This will show their name, profession and registration number. It is valid for two years, so check the date.


Check their ID card

All registered health professions have HPC ID cards. These show their name, profession and registration number. It is valid for two years, so check the date.


Check by phone 0845 300 4472

The Registration Department will be happy to tell you over the phone if your health professional is registered.


You can also look out also for the old HPC logo

and as from august 2012 the new one.










I  qualified in 1987 as a State Registered Chiropodist after completing a three year full time course from the Northern College of Chiropody (now part of Salford University) and I am  HPC registered  as a Podiatrist/Chiropodist  competant to use  local anaesthetic. I  have a  BSc degree in Podiatric Medicine, Certificate in Local Anaesthetic and Certificate in Health Promotion..


Judith Swift BSc, LA Cert,Cert HP

Registration number CH09894