Judith Swift BSc (Podiatric Medicine)  

                                Registered Chiropodist and Podiatrist

                                      Milnthorpe Clinic Tel 015395 64303



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I understand some of you may be anxious about attending the clinic again. To reassure you I have put a summary of what to expect when you next attend but I understand if you want to delay things further. These changes are based on the College of Podiatry  and national guidelines. In some cases they exceed the minimum requirement. They are designed to keep both of us safe and minimise risk.


Podiatrist responsibilities

1. In addition to the usual plastic apron and gloves I will be wearing a face mask and sometimes a visor/glasses.

2. I will continue with regular hand washing routines.  

3. Appointments will be spaced to minimise contact with other patients attending the clinic and allow for additional cleaning between patients.

4. Between patients I already clean the couch, floor area, unit work top and instruments are sterilised. In addition to this all door handles, additional work surfaces, chairs and other items used will be disinfected. Where it is difficult to do this I will quarantine items for 72 hours. If payment is made in cash any change given will have been cleaned.

5. Weather permitting the window in the treatment room will be open to increase air circulation.

6  At the moment a seperate  entrance via the  exercise studio is being used to minimise contact with other users of the building.

7.  As a front line health care worker I have had the first Covid  vaccination.


Patient responsibility

1.     Please respect the governments restrictions/current guidelines on Covid. I  encourage all patients to have the vaccination if offered however despite vaccination there is still a risk of catching Covid and transmitting it.  

2. If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms or been advised to self -isolate I will not be able to provide treatment.

3. Please notify the clinic & cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or have been exposed to anyone who has/had symptoms in the last 14 days.

4. If possible please wait in your car in one of our four parking spaces or outside. If arriving on foot try to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. I will collect you from your car/outside the clinic at your appointment time. Only use the bell/telephone if ten minutes has lapsed from your appointment time.

5. Try and attend the practice by yourself and with as few personal items as possible.

6. As required by law please wear a  face covering when attending the clinic.

7       Please let us know if you are shielding so we can try and reduce risk further-for example by booking you in at the start of the session.

8. When entering the premises please observe social distancing.

9. Please use a hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the premises I will provide some if necessary. We would prefer you not to wear gloves but to sanitise your hands . It is difficult to do this with  gloves on.

10. Please try and avoid having to use our toilet facilities but if you need to please inform me so that the room can be cleaned.

11. The preferred method of payment is cheque or online bank transfer. I will discuss this when we arrange an appointment.


Unfortunatly because of increased PPE costs and extra time cleaning inbetween patients I have had to increase costs to £30.



Please note we are not emergency service, for example if you are diabetic and have an infection you should contact 111 urgently.


Please note some patients are entitled to  free NHS treatment for example diabetic patients with "at or high risk" feet or patients with infected ingrowing toenails. However  I can not provide free NHS treatment- please contact your GP practice about being referred to NHS Podiatry.